Climate Change in Grenada


We have finished day five on our Spicy Green and Sustainable film project in Grenada. I have loved the experience of delving into this country and being exposed to its climate and weather related vulnerabilities and triumphs. These people are strong, brave, courageous, and incredibly industrious. 


The island is made up of incredible beaches, of course, but also towering mountains- quite a bit higher in elevation than islands I typically find myself in. That being said, even though they are not “drowning,” climate impacts abound. Notice the dead trees in the pictures, the engulfed sea barriers, and the hurricane ravaged buildings. 


Our videographer Jamie Jones has been up to some incredible work (and I have seen the clips!)-  we have interviewed over twenty NGOs, government officials, and policy makers so far. Today, our footage of “real” Grenadians started, which has already been an incredibly rewarding experience. More pictures to come over the next nine days!



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